HSBC Playright PlayScope

Playright Children's Play Association (Playright) presents an inspirational new play resource—HSBC Playright PlayScope (PlayScope)—created by award winning designer and architect Mitsuru Senda, Japan's foremost expert in safe, versatile play spaces for children. At PlayScope, children use age appropriate play to explore the world around them, create their own fresh worlds, or just spend quiet time.

PlayScope's services are supported by our own professional playworkers. They encourage play, involve the children in talk and sharing, and work at a practical level with parents and others, thus helping everyone appreciate the full scope and value of play. They also oversee health, safety and security issues within PlayScope.

Playright is deeply grateful to The Hongkong Bank Foundation for generously financing the design and construction of PlayScope; and The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust for funding its operations.

In our PlayCircle, children love the physical challenge and excitement of weaving their way around a system of colourful and ingeniously designed PlayBoxes and clambering over our 3 m long SkyWeb. This physical freedom is further enhanced by the limitless creative possibilities of imagining fresh worlds, building new teams, and experimenting with different roles. PlayCircle also incorporates constantly changing themed play activities. While these are planned to reflect the worlds of work and leisure that children encounter, they also respect a central principle in playwork—the need for children to draw primarily on their own inspiration and their own interactions.

In our PlayLab, children and their parents/caregivers attend a range of play classes and workshops run by PlayScope's staff. Examples of the types of play covered are Messy Play, Physical Play, and Creative Play. There will also be age related play learning, including Play in the Nursery and Play in Later Childhood.

Toy Library
Members of PlayScope can borrow a wide variety of toys at no extra charge, thus helping to promote shared quality time at home. Each toy complies with international safety and hygiene standards and is cleaned and disinfected on return.

Play Resources Corner
Our Play Resources Corner provides a large and growing collection of reference books and magazines on play and play related topics. These are carefully selected to appeal to educators and other professionals concerned with children as well as parents, and thus cover research as well as practical issues.

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