Play Training

Our professional play training pattern builds on that of the United Kingdom. Since 1993, Playright has been offering a variety of different trainings. All training activities are specially designed with the needs of the users in mind.

Our training targets include different organizations, associations, schools, hospitals, government departments, public and private organizations in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China. The overall goal is to enable participants to enhance and apply their professional play knowledge to their work and even their daily lives.

More than 10,000 people, including social workers, teachers, parents, health care workers, clinical psychologists, speech therapists and child welfare workers, benefit each year from the training we offer.

Fundamental Playwork Training
At this introductory level, course members become familiar with basic theories about play and learn practical play skills.

Play Specialities Training
Playright's different play experts train people who are interested in more specialized aspects and applications of professional play knowledge, such as play environment design, safety in play facilities and hospital play.

60-minute Experiential Workshop
In this brief but intensive experiential activity, participants come into direct and lively contact with the magic and power of play. The experience convinces many of them to spread play ideas or take up play work themselves in their communities.

Play Design and Planning Programme
This is a programme of innovative play activities that are custom made for special venues or occasions such as a play day or a parent-children game session and are based on a careful assessment of the needs of the target participants.

Playwork Public Courses
Periodically, we organise professionally delivered playwork training courses for the general public. Past programmes have included a practical play work certificate programme, a basic play certificate programme, and a parents' play training workshop. Such courses are often run by overseas play experts.

Play Training in Mainland China
We frequently offer training to frontline workers from various organizations in Mainland China. We count on them to spread the notion of play and introduce play services when they return. Organizations helped so far include hill schools in Gansu and children's welfare associations in Tianjin.

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