A playable play environment is crucial for the realization of children’s play. To benefit children of different ages and abilities, i.e. toddlers, primary students, teenagers, children with a physical disability or other special needs, the concept of an “Inclusive Play Environment” thus arises. It means that an environment should be created so that each and every child can freely enjoy different kinds of play facilities and different play experience.

Our Play Environment Team strives to promote the development of inclusive playgrounds to fulfill play experiences for all children through advocacy projects and consultancy services, which incorporate inclusive play theory, play space design and playground safety professional knowledge in the public and private sectors in Hong Kong. Playright also consults with overseas professional organizations to provide training and exchanges to improve professional standards in this sector.

In future decade, we aim to make every public playground in Hong Kong to be safe, accessible, playful and inclusive for all.

Playright’s road of promoting playground
1987Birth of Playright,
1989Create HK’s 1st accessible playground in King’s Park with the Urban Council
……Continually provide consultancy and related safety inspection services for playgrounds in housing estates, schools and hospitals
2013Release of research results on “Play Needs for Public Play Space of Children with Disabilities”, which shows that the existing playgrounds cannot meet their needs to play
2015Organize “Inclusive Play Space Design Ideas Competition”
2016The 2015 competition’s winning concepts are adopted by the Architectural Services Department into the overall design of the enhancement works of the Tuen Mun Park Children’s Playground

July: Groundbreaking of the “Pilot Project on Inclusive Playground at Tuen Mun Park”

September: Kick-start of the “Junior Playground Commissioner Incubation Programme @Tuen Mun”

2018Birth of the first-ever inclusive playground incorporated with public engagement and children’s participation at Tuen Mun Park
Our Playground
Special cut of Playright Junior Playground Commissioner Incubation Programme @Tuen Mun
Achievement of Playright Junior Playground Commissioner Incubation Programme @Tuen Mun
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