In the world of play, children are the experts. Adults, whose childhood has passed, often have little understanding of play. Undoubtedly, the realization of children’s play depends on adults’ attitude and choice. It is thus essential to enable adults to reconnect, relearn, re-experience, reflect, recognize and master the concepts of children’s play, its values, knowledge, skills, and methods.

The Anne Marden Playright Academy (“the Academy”) is committed to advocate the value of play in Hong Kong by providing systematic training, professional play knowledge and tools. It connects various stakeholders to work together to continuously build a play friendly society for ALL children to grow. The areas of development include:

Special Thanks

In 2017, Mrs Anne Marden (under the Marden Foundation) made a generous donation to support the development of training and empowerment as well as the establishment of a professional resource hub within Playright. To achieve this, the first step was to purchase a permanent premise in Kwun Tong.


Here is an extract from Mr Antony Marden’s speech on behalf of the Marden Foundation at Playright’s 30th Anniversary Cocktail Party:

“Playright champions the right of children to play. It might sound incredible that such a simple activity, ‘Child’s Play’ needs defending and promoting, however, if you witness the educational pressure applied to students these days, you might think again… The Marden Foundation was set up by my parents…with a remit to help and give money to HK people and HK organizations who nobody else would be likely to help…. I would like to say how proud I am of my mother who during her long long life has always championed and actively helped those less fortunate than herself. She has been an example to myself and I believe to us all.”

New Name & Logo

To commemorate the enthusiasm and contribution of our Honorary President Mrs Anne Marden, BBS, JP, the Academy was named after her: “Anne Marden Playright Academy”. The concept has extended to its logo design.

Academy’s Logo

The name and the goal of the Academy are perfectly integrated in its distinct and unique design, which is symbolizing a simple and elegant composition.

The orange image is “A”

The initial of Mrs Marden’s first name, Anne. It reflects how our president’s inspiration leads and sets goal for the Academy.

The blue image is M

which is the initial of Mrs Marden’s last name. This image represents interactive space and communication, as well as the attitude of the Academy: openness, inclusiveness and generosity.

“P” and “A”

is the initial of Playright Academy which are shaped as a PA classroom representing various play specialties. Adding a white page comprises an image of book, which evolves into an endless treasure of professional knowledge.

Design of the Academy

The “Anne Madden Playright Academy” is a training ground, which embraces children’s play, through an exclusive design full of fun and with playful elements and practical functions, resulting in a unique spatial experience. Users are encouraged to play the “elements” and use the scene or equipment creatively to re-experience play, exploration, risk-taking and re-found the childlike playfulness as adults.

The entrance resembles a little Play House.

The magnetic wall and movable boxes are changeable for play and functional usage.

Mobile module station can be used as workstation or just meeting place. Its design allows for playful decoration with ribbon, ropes or other loose materials.

Movable Wicker seats of different shapes and sizes, to be hanging from the ceiling or just sit on floor to create a unique usable space.

Playablewalls with a Play-and-Plug system that allows for unlimited play possibilities and functional usage.

Foldable partition incorporating multiple functions to support flexible and creative usage.

Total environment that inspire, motivate and foster openness and interactive exchange.

Venue Booking

To be announced

Latest training & activities

Since its early years, Playright has organized training courses on play. We have continued to accumulate experiences, to bring forth the new and to launch different courses for different professions, such as playwork, playful parents skills, hospital play, play environment, etc.

1 Aug 2024室內遊戲角落設置工作坊 (Cantonese)Click here to know more (FULL)
29 & 30 Jul 2024[Webinar] Introduction to Playground equipment and outdoor fitness standards (EN1176 & EN16630)Click here to know more
8, 15 & 22 Jul 2024PARS Playwork Practice Level 3 (NCFE Customised Qualification) (Cantonese)Click here to know more (FULL)
13, 20 & 27 Jun 2024PARS Playwork Practice Level 3 (NCFE Customised Qualification) (Cantonese)Click here to know more (FULL)
16, 23 & 30 May 2024PARS Playwork Practice Level 3 (NCFE Customised Qualification) (Cantonese)Click here to know more (FULL)
25 Mar 2024室內遊戲工作入門課程 (萬象館體驗篇) (Cantonese)Click here to know more (FULL)
2 Mar 2024Risk-Benefit Assessment (RBA) of Children’s Play Areas WorkshopClick here to know more (FULL)
27 Feb – 1 Mar 2024Operational Playground Inspection Course Two-Day (RPII Level 2)Click here to know more (FULL)
24 Jan 2024室內遊戲工作入門課程 (萬象館體驗篇) (Cantonese)Click here to know more (FULL)
20 Nov, 18-21 Dec 2023Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) Certification Program [Online]Click here to know more (FULL)
29 Sep 2023Webinar on Playground Standards and Safety Inspection (Cantonese)Click here to know more (FULL)
21 Aug 2023室內遊戲工作入門課程 (Cantonese)Click here to know more (FULL)
19, 26 Jun and 3 Jul 2023Certificate in Playwork Practice (Cantonese)Click here to know more (FULL)

Academy Advisory Task Force & Advisory Group

Anne Marden Playright Academy Advisory Task Force
Dr Chow Chun-bong, BBS, JPHonorary Advisor of PlayrightChairman
Dr Bill Chan Hin-biuConsultant, Simulation Training Centre of HK Children’s HospitalVice Chairman
Dr Pauline Chan Po-linAssociate Head (Learning& Teaching), Department of ECE, The EdUHKVice Chairman
Mr Paul Chan Yuen-kingPresident of HK Institute of Landscape Architects, Registered Landscape ArchitectVice Chairman
Prof. Christine Fang Meng- sang, BBS, JPHonorary Research Fellow of Faculty of Social Sciences, HKUMember
Ms Nancy TSANG Lan-see, JPFormer of Chief Executive Officer of Heep Hong SocietyMember
Mr Benny Chan Chak-bunThe Former Chairman of Architects Registration Board,  President of HK Institute of Architects, Vice President of HK Institute of Urban DesignMember


Anne Marden Playright Academy Advisory Group
Ms Wendy Chan Mei-fungProfessional Consultant of The CUHK, Faculty of Medicine, The Nethersole School of Nursing
Prof. Doris Cheng Pui-wahProfessor of Early childhood Education of the Tung Wah College
Dr Daniel Chiu Cheung-shingCouncil Member of The Hong Kong Paediatric Society
Prof. Kevin Chung Kien-hoaDirector, Centre for Child and Family Science of The EduHK
Dr Patrick Ip Pak-keungPresident of The HK Paediatric Society
Dr Sanly KAM Shau-wan, MHMember of Commission on Children
Prof. Li Chi-kongProfessor, Department of Paediatrics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Dr William Li Ho-cheungProfessional Consultant, The Nethersole School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong
Dr Angelina Lo Kwok-yinFounder & Director of CreativeKids
Ms Chrysan Mok Oi-lingPrincipal of Caritas Jockey Club Lok Yan School
Mr Kenny OrFounder of Little Green Feet Parent-Child Reading Club
Prof. Hendrik TiebenAssociate Director of School of Architecture, The CUHK
Ms Daisy Wong Man-yingHonorary Advisor (Community Services) of HK East Cluster

Local & Overseas Connection

In order to broaden the horizons and to elevate professional standards, we actively and closely collaborate with overseas and local professional organizations to introduce the latest knowledge, experiences and professional code of practice to Hong Kong. We also adjust and localize the courses so that the training can suit local needs while meeting international standards.

Research Partners

Knowledge supporting unit

2023-02-09PLAY for Child Health Seminar