The ward environment can have a great influence on patients. Child patients are no exception. Hence, our service has always included to create a joyful hospital atmosphere. For example, we assist to develop a child-friendly ward and to decorate for special occasions such as birthdays, festive seasons and celebrations for discharge.

In the playroom of the Princess Margaret Hospital and the Caritas Medical Centre, we have introduced toys and play that comply with hygienic standards of the ward. The play and toys provided suit the needs of children of different ages and include board games, card games, and creative handicrafts. We even provide a tricycle in the ward and flour play at the specialist out-patients department.

Taking hospitalized children outside is also one of our aims. From time to time, the hospital play specialists arrange different activities such as play days, baking-a-cookie classes, one-day trips to theme parks, life camps, and even adventure trips so that the children can enjoy leisure and be involved in a life appropriate to their age.